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Grace - Our Longest Serving Volunteer Remembered

Grace Runnerstrum is remembered for her long association with The Junction Neighbourhood Centre. Grace first volunteered at The JNC after she retired from the workforce in 1976. Over the next 30 years, she served in various organisational roles - Co-ordinator, President, Treasurer, Secretary, Front Desk Receptionist, and was also responsible for assisting in the development of services like the Eastern Branch of the Home Care Service, the Victims of Crime Scheme, Eastern Area Tenants Service and many more which still exist today. Picture of Grace Runnerstrum
Grace was wise, energetic and completely understood the need for all people to feel connected in some way to their local community. The Grace Runnerstrum Award was inaugurated in 2006 to recognise her contribution and is awarded annually to an outstanding volunteer.

Volunteers receive Life Members from mayor Bruce Notely-Smith, photo curtesy of The Southern Courier

JNC Remembers Lifetime Members

Longtime JNC volunteers receive lifetime membership in recognition of their community service from Randwick Mayor Bruce Notley-Smith at JNC's 33rd AGM in 2007.

Molly Tennant (deceased 2008), Randwick Mayor Bruce Notley-Smith, Grace Runnerstrum (deceased 2009), Nola Gardner and Monica Grounds (deceased 2008). (photo courtesy of The Southern Courier Newspaper)

A Community Story
The first 25 years of RICC

photo of RICC History Book

A Few Snippets of History

Chapter 1, The First Decade

"The story of CHARM is one of problems and solutions. Problems that existed in the local community were assessed, and where possible, solutions were sought to address them. By providing social services, including companionship and support to cancer patients and prison inmates, members of the Chaplaincy were in a position to become aware of other social and community based problems requiring solutions. It was this awareness that had led to the establishment of CHARM..."

"We would arrive at the designated school
to find children waiting as early as 7:30am,
and at times we were taking children home at 7pm"

Judy Jackson, CHARM Worker, School Holiday Program

Chapter 2, The Second Decade

"The second decade found CHARM once again responding to change. In 1984 CHARM moved to new premises, prompted by a growing need for space from which to run its long list of programs. The move was also seen as an opportunity to find a name that more accurately reflected the Centres developing role, so the new name 'Randwick Information and Community Centre' was adopted. Affectionately known as RICC the name was designed to reflect, amongst other things, the growing importance of information dissemination within the Randwick Community..."

"One of the highlights from my time with the Centre
was seeing programs initiated by RICC
evolve into community projects."

Sue Crawford, Front Desk/ Management Committee Volunteer

Chapter 3, Promotion, Competition

"Change may flow from a government funding decision or philosophical position, but real change happens on the ground - at neighbourhood centres and other front line organisations. ... The last five years has seen RICC responding to the changing nature of funding, working for indigenous reconciliation and developing community. All this has been done by volunteers, both students and others, with the help and commitment of the paid staff..."

"Little or no funding was available in the beginning was necessary to scrounge around
for materials, labour and volunteers.
Nowadays, things are not too different."

Grace Runnerstrum, CHARM Coordinator/Volunteer


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