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The Junction Neighbourhood Centre provides a diverse range of services and support to people who live in the Randwick and Waverley LGAs and surrounding areas through community hubs in Maroubra Junction, Randwick and Bondi Junction.

Latest News and Events

VAST CALENDAR & COURSES - February to June 2014

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NEW Updated Crisis Assistance Directory

This Directory includes: Emergency Aid and Food; Financial Counselling and Advice; Emergency Accommodation Lines Download a copy of the Directory here [PDF 573KB] 

Directory of Mental Health Services

In recognition of Mental Health Month 2013 The Junction Neighbourhood Centre launched the JNC Directory of Mental Health Services. This directory includes information and contact details of a wide range of services and resources relevant to people who have a lived experience of mental illness and their carers, their families and their friends. Download a copy of the Directory here [PDF 553KB] 

Who We Are

The Junction Neighbourhood Centre provides a diverse range of services and support to people who live in the Randwick and Waverley LGAs and surrounding areas through community hubs in Maroubra Junction, Randwick and Bondi Junction

The JNC relies on significant funding from Federal, State and Local Governments.

The JNC is managed by a voluntary Management Committee, composed of local residents and workers.

The JNC actively encourages and supports community volunteering opportunities. For more information see VAST, VAST Training & Volunteer Jobs.

Our Vision

The Vision of The Junction Neighbourhood Centre is to contribute to, and be part of a community that works together for Reconciliation, Fairness, Justice, Acceptance and Tolerance for all.

To achieve our vision we will work to enhance community health and wellbeing by providing practical, emotional, educational, recreational and social support services to people who live and work in the Randwick Local Government Area and surrounding areas.

Our Values

The Junction Neighbourhood Centre believes in these values:

Equity - Everyone is treated fairly and justly, with a fair share for all.

Equality - Everyone is treated with respect, tolerance, dignity and acceptance.

Access - Everyone has fair and equal access to services.

Participation - Everyone is given an opportunity to participate in community life.

Reconciliation - We acknowledge the Traditional Land Owners and support reconciliation in the community

Our Aims

The aims of The Junction Neighbourhood Centre are:

To provide for the relief of poverty, distress, misfortune, sickness, helplessness, and loneliness of persons who reside in the Randwick LGA and surrounding areas.

To provide responsive and meaningful services to meet identified community needs.

To seek to develop community participation in the provision of services. To co-operate and work in partnership with other organisations with similar objects or aims.

To ensure that the principles of equity, equality, access, participation and reconciliation are incorporated into all programmes and projects.

To seek to improve community health and well being.

To undertake community development roles in the local community.

What Is a Neighbourhood Centre?

  1. It is a centre - it has a stand alone building or part of a larger Community Centre, but distinct from other services in that Centre. It has a distinguishable entrance that is easily identified as an approachable place for people to visit.

  2. It is attached to a neighbourhood - it is an important part of the local community. Its main job is to know about the community and respond to the needs of local residents.

  3. It responds to all residents in its locality - its main job is to know about the community and its diversity and respond to the needs of local residents. It is not just about one particular type of service or one target group, but about developing a strong community. It uses both government funding and local resources such as volunteers, to help others in the community.

  4. It is a generalist organisation - it provides a core of basic information and support as well as a place to meet for anyone in the community. In addition, a centre provides a wide range of services, often with government funding, that reflect local needs. This makes it different from many other community organisations that may be set up to provide one specific service.

  5. It is a community development organisation - it works with people in its local community to support them in meeting their needs and to empower them.

  6. It is an independent community organisation - it has legal status as an Incorporated Association, which is owned and controlled by its local members. It then chooses to enter into contract with government departments to deliver services. Some Neighbourhood Centres are not auspiced by an Incorporated Association.

  7. It is run by a community management committee - made up of volunteers from the community. This provides connect ion and accountability to the local community.

  8. It is flexible - because it is generalist, it can respond to an individual in a holistic way. It also can support people who do not fit other services.

  9. It is part of a network - it interacts with other community organisations operating in the same locality, often on joint projects.

  10. It is a one stop shop - for community service information, support and referral.
Printed in LOCAL the newsletter of the Local Community Services Association Tel: 02 9211 3644

What We Offer

Please see individual service pages for comprehensive details of what they offer.

Information Referral Services
Offering extensive information on local community services, groups and organisations. Our newsletter - JNC News - is published quarterly.

Groups Classes
English conversation classes, craft classes, Writing Poetry classes, book clubs etc.

Outreach Services
Providing a base for various specialist Outreach Services.

Aged and Disability Services
Offering individual transport, home visiting, list shopping and banking. Weekly social outings, an in-home respite program and carer support and resources.

Family Support Service
Offering services to families along with various support groups, parents groups and personal development courses.

Volunteer And Service Training (VAST)
Offering recruitment and referral of volunteers and training for volunteers, staff and management committees.

JNC users have a right:
to access services without discrimination
to be informed about available services
to privacy
to pursue any complaint about the services provided

Interpreter Service:
JNC will provide you with the assistance of an interpreter if required. Alternatively, you can call the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) on 131 450. They will contact JNC for you.
A copy of our brochure is available on the Publications page.
For further details contact the Coordinator on 9349-8200 or email

JNC receives funding from:
Department of Community Services
Legal Aid Commission
Department of Human Services, Ageing, Disability and Home Care
Department of Health Aged Care
Randwick City Council
Bendigo Bank - Clovelly Community Bank

The Junction Neighbourhood Centre would like to acknowledge and pay our respects to the traditional owners of the land on which we work: the Gadigal and Bidjigal clans, who traditionally occupy the Sydney Coast. It is upon their ancestral lands that The Junction Neighbourhood Centre stands. We would like to pay our respects to elders past and present.


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